# NoNeedTo Print: 3New Photo Delivery Options For Your Guests

In the old times, photo booths where chunky piece of relief situated in places of high octane fun like theme parks or in the city centre. They are usually the fastest way to get a photo printed but the quality is not there as the prints are always in black and white. Fast forward to today, photo booth much like how we see our phones now are shed of its bulky weight and has become slimmer, faster and more personalized as they can now appear and shape to our liking or purpose. In fact any event is not complete without photo booths as these are a quick fix to our narcissistic need of selfies. As with keeping up with the times, printing may become obsolete and may be replaced with the options below for everybody’s convenience.

Connect To Social Media

Photo booths for hire are now offering a more personalized and quick approach to getting their snaps as soon as they can by integrating it with their own social media accounts, even offering to post, share or tweet the said snap right there and there! Of course there are some with conditions though like using the event hashtag or liking first the provider’s page or of the company hosting the event. This should be not of a big deal to the participants willing to get their hands on their photos. Sometimes the photo booth rental even offers guests to edit the snap while there featuring a plethora of filters and stickers.

Via Email

This is a formal approach to some guests if the event attended is a formal event as a social media account may be too personal. A personalized email is sent to the guest with the said attached picture/s. This also serves as a dual purpose as the provider or the company hosting the party can use the information to send company updates or do email marketing. This is considered a win-win situation as both parties gain in this set up.

Text Messaging

Considered the most personal of approach as photo booths for rent are offering guest to really completely customize their snaps if ever there is no filter or editing choices the guests likes in the providers option. This can come in a form of MMS or a text with a private link containing their pictures and the guest can download it and edit it to their desire. Once done, they can either keep it or share it in their social media accounts. Like the option above this also pave way to other marketing tactics.

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What Is IT support?

You might hard of the word IT support but you have no idea what it means. If this is the case then you are not alone because there are a lot of people, who pass terms and they do not know what they are, they think that it does not apply to them. Maybe you have contacted or ever used information technology support services and you did not know.

Today, we are staying in a world where technology has advanced. Information technology support is also referred as technical support. It is the process of offering help with technology products like mobile phones, computers, digital recorders and televisions. The main objective of this is providing consumers with IT solutions that they require if they are experiencing a problem with a product that they have bought. There are a lot of companies that provide technical support and most of them provide it free of charge.

When you purchase a product it comes with information. On this information you are going to get a toll number that will call for help. You can have questions on how the product should be used or if you are experiencing problems getting to work well you call and they are going to help you. Telephone help has become popular but these services can be provided not only on the phone but through email or interactive website. It is important that you take advantage of email services so that you can save on cost.

If you feel that the help which has been provided on the phone is not enough you should not go to this route. You can get help that you need in person, this means that the provider has an office in your local place. If you do not mind to pay for the services you will find the services are fee based and you are going to be provided with the help that you require. You can also make customization available to you.

The benefit of this service is that it is simple or in depth they way you want it. Most of the time your questions, will be answered within seconds. Other time you will get an individual that will help you on the line. Every desk is not the same it is different but you are going to get all the information, support and Dubai IT migration services that you require. You should not be afraid of calling them a few times in case you do not get the answers that you require first time because this is what the services are for.

If you know of a friend who has ever used any information technology support or understands well about IT annual maintenance contract you can ask him about the pros and cons of contract. This is vital because it is going to help you to make a good decision. You will also know the right step to take.

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